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Wrights Furniture was founded in 1889 by George W. Wright. At that time many residents of Dieterich were taking advantage of inexpensive land prices in Arkansas and George W. Wright was no exception. Although G. W. Wright was postmaster and owner of the general store, the temptation of developing a new part of the country was too strong and so he loaded his life's possessions on the train and prepared for his new life.

Evidently, G. W. was not the only proprietor bitten by the "Adventure Bug", because the owner of the local furniture store met with G. W. Wright in an attempt to persuade him to give up his place on the train and purchase the furniture store. George W. Wright was not eager to give up his place on the train. However, he stated he would if he could purchase not only the local furniture store, but also the local funeral parlor. Late into the night these businessmen still bartered. Finally, at approximately midnight on the eve of the trains departure, a deal was struck! G.W. Wright unloaded his train car and Wright's Furniture and Funeral Home were born. The furniture store was first located on the south main and then moved to its present location during the depression.

George W. Wright Old storefront of Wright's furniture Old photo of Wright's furniture staff

G.W. Wright passed his business to his sons George B. and Arlin Wright. When Arlin died, George B. took full ownership. In 1970, George B. sold the business to his son Cedric. The business flourished under Cedric's leadership and expanded into many other buildings on north main street. In 1991 a major expansion was undertaken with the addition of a 4,000 square-foot La-Z-Boy Gallery. This addition brought the showroom space to more than 35,000 square feet. In 1996, the former Niebrugge Lumber Company buildings were purchased. These buildings were remodeled to accommodate showrooms and warehouse space. In June of 1997, Decorating Interiors in Effingham was purchased and renamed Wright At Home Interiors. It also fulfills a desire for us to enter the area of interior design with window treatments and wall coverings. This marks the first time our business has expanded outside of Dieterich. In 2017, Wrights expanded to a 6,000 square foot showroom in Robinson Illinois. In 2019, Wrights expanded again to a 60,000 square foot showroom in Taylorville, formerly Jensen's Home Furnishings. Today Wright's Furniture Inc. provides employment for 40 area residents with Tom Wright serving as chairman, John Wright as president, Alex Wright as vice president, Taylor Wright as secretary, and Amy Vogt as treasurer.

Dieterich storefront today