Amish Furniture

Amish Hand Crafted

Now in our 5th generation, we understand how a legacy passed down from generation to generation is something truly special. That is why we've selected Country View Woodworking and Mavin Furniture as our exclusive Amish Furniture providers. 100% made in America, Amish furniture is known to stand the test of time, carefully crafted by hand.

Bedroom set from MAVIN
Dining set from Country Value Woodworking
Bedroom set from MAVIN
Bedroom set from MAVIN


American Made Furniture, from forest to fabrication. MAVIN's heritage, values and skills combined with their use of technology and lean manufacturing principles produce beautifully and efficiently made pieces of furniture.

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Why buy Amish?

Amish made furniture is known for its exceptional quality and durability, as it is crafted using traditional methods and solid wood materials, rather than cheaply-made composite materials.

Solid construction. Built using techniques forged over generations of wood working.

Timeless design. Expertly crafted and masterfully finished, designs that never go out of style.

Lasts longer. Built with real, natural hardwood, amish furniture lasts longer than factory made.

Man working on amish furniture
Bedroom set from Country View Woodworking

Country View Woodworking

In business for nearly 30 years, Country View Woodworking has focused attention on innovation and detail. Guaranteeing customers the quality they expect and deserve.

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