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When You
Dream About
Your Ideal

The Zecliner was designed and built with restful sleep in mind; making it the ideal choice for a bed-alternative. A healthy life starts with a healthy night's sleep.

Flexsteel Quality Standard

Superior Comfort
for Over 100 Years

We have been committed to comfort and craftsmanship for over 100 years. At the heart of each Zecliner is our coveted Blue Steel Spring TM - an innovative, patended ribbon of steel that provides unmatched comfort and durability.

Blue steel spring

How Our Zecliners Compare

Zecliner Petite
(SMALL) 5'6" and shorter

Petite Recliner

Zecliner Model 2
(LARGE) 6'0" and taller

Model 2 Recliner

Zecliner Model 2+
(LARGE) 6'0" and taller

Model 2+ Recliner

The perfect family
chair by day...

The Zecliner is not only practical and functional, but also stylish, making it a great addition to any home. Whether you are recovering from an injury, dealing with a chronic condition, or simply looking for a comfortable and convenient chair, this chair is an excellent choice that can provide you with the support and assistance you need.

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...and the best place for
peaceful sleep by night

Zero Gravity recline puts you in the ideal position that reduces pressure and gives you a feeling of weightlessness. The zoned memory foam comfort areas in the backrest, seat, and shoulders; removable head pillow; padded arms; and waterfall chaise provide surrounding comfort.

Woman resting on headrest

Zecliner Features

Head Pillow

Helps alleviate pain, pressure and stress. Provides relief for neck, upper back and shoulder pain. Offered with a memory foam insert on the Model 1, or Technogel insert on the Model 2 and Model 2+.

Hand touching the cooling pillow

Zecliner Features

Technogel Pillow

The perfect option for those who want additional pressure relief and comfort, these pillows are made with a nontoxic, medical grade cooling gel for a more comfortable sleep experience. Available on Zecliner Model 2 and Model 2+.

Hand wand controller

Zecliner Features

Hand Wand Controls

The hand wand contains two memory programs that may be reprogrammed to your preferred position for watching TV and sleeping. To accommodate your dominant hand, the hand wand control can be placed on either side of the recliner. The hand wand features a USB-A port for easy charging.

Man taking a nap in the Zecliner

Zecliner Features

Fabric Upholstery

Upholstered in a luxuriously soft and durable LiveSmart Barrier Plus performance fabric. This fabric has an integrated moisture barrier that allows air to pass through while repelling and locking out stains and spills. Each recliner is finished in a heavy thread stitch detail for a clean, yet bold, look.

Woman using the MyRecline App

Zecliner Features

MyRecline App Technology

MyRecline uses the latest wireless technology to communicate with your Zecliner. Download the app from your phone's app store and connect via the Bluetooth connection outputted by your new Zecliner. Available on Zecliner Model 2 and Model 2+.

The Zecliner in a living room

Zecliner Features

LED Lighting Base

When you approach or exit the recliner, a motion-sensing LED base switches on and can be dimmed, or color adjusted, using the MyRecline app. Available on Zecliner Petite, Model 2, and Model 2+.

Man sleeping in a Zecliner

Zecliner Features

Nanobionic Fabric

Discover the rejuvenating comfort of the Nanobionic Wellness Fabric in the Zecliner Model 2+. This advanced performance fabric has an added coating of infrared emitting minerals that use your body's heat to recycle its energy, enhancing relaxation and well-being in your sleep recliner. Experience modern innovation for unmatched comfort and rejuvenation with every use.

The adjustable air massage

Zecliner Features

Air Massage & Heat

Enjoy elevated relaxation with the Zecliner Model 2+'s adjustable air massage and heat. Customize your comfort with targeted massage and soothing warmth, ideal for unwinding in luxury. This feature ensures every moment in the Zecliner Model 2+ is a blissful retreat.

Woman resting on headrest
Hand touching the cooling pillow
Hand wand controller
Man taking a nap in the Zecliner
Woman using the MyRecline App
The Zecliner in a living room
Man sleeping in a Zecliner
The adjustable air massage
Woman using the lift function on a recliner

Zecliner Power Features

Experience Comfort and Accessibility
with Zecliner Power Lift

The Zecliner comes with a power lift option that is a fantastic solution for anyone who needs assistance getting in and out of their chair. With its innovative design, this chair can easily lift the user up to a standing position with the push of a button, making it an ideal choice for those with mobility issues or disabilities.

Zecliner can also be adjusted with multiple power options, including power recline that takes you back to where you want to be, a power headrest that props your head up while reading or watching TV, and power lumbar for added lower back support and comfort.

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Zecliner Sleep Kits

Sleep Better with the Zecliner Sleep Kit

Extend the life of your Zecliner and elevate your sleeping experience with the Zecliner sleep kit. Designed to fit any Zecliner model, this three-piece machine-washable set comes with a fitted backrest sheet, seat/footrest sheet, and head pillowcase.

Woman sleeping in a recliner Placing sheets on a recliner A recliner with sheets